My name is Barry Knepper and my business is helping you restore, maintain or improve the financial fitness of your business as your part-time CFO.

Small and mid-sized businesses need the support of a strong CFO. Not everyone however, can afford or even needs to staff one on a full-time basis. As a chief financial officer for some of the country's most successful companies over the past 30 years, I can put big business methods and experience to work for you with dramatic impact, often in just a few hours a month.

Let Me Help You

I serve clients in a wide variety of industries who will tell you that hiring me has proven to be the most economical, efficient and effective way to secure their financial health.

If you're ready to gain full-time benefits through a part-time CFO, please contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY, OBLIGATION-FREE CONSULTATION.

Hiring a Part-Time CFO is all about improving the bottom line. The bottom line is not only about financial success, it's also about quality of your life. How you benefit from a Part-Time CFO depends to some degree on your unique situation.